I can remember purchasing my first camera during my early years as a teenager and having dreams of my own dark room and working for some large advertising company. By the end of my high school years, I had even more of a passion for photography.

I then went on to attend the Ohio Visual Arts Institution in Cincinnati, Ohio where I grew up. My life took a forty-year detour to work in the banking and business industry where I worked as the Assistant Vice President of Operations.

Despite this long detour though, I never forgot about my passion and dreams for photography. It has remained a constant love for me, serving as a vehicle to help me witness and then capture precious moments of beauty and of the amazing human spirit.

I am still determined to follow the dreams that began in my childhood. This time, no detours. Why now? I have been asked. Because I have stories to tell through my photographs, and I want these stories to tell tales of triumph and celebration. I personally understand what strength and victory mean. I want the world to see what I have seen: That behind any hardship and life lows there is greatness, beauty, love, triumph, ecstasy, and awe.

As an Atlanta base Photographer, I love photographing, creating images that tell the story, specializing in professional branding, portraits and headshots.